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“Men occasionally stumble upon the truth. But most pick themselves up and continue on.” – Sir Winston Churchill
“America’s moral leadership will be restored as we set an example for the rest of the world on how to achieve genuine economic democracy and justice for all.”   -Louis Kelso
“Developing countries need to be encouraged to experiment with the growing variety of arrangements of profit-sharing, and expanded capital ownership that can bring economic betterment to their people.”  - Pres. Ronald Reagan
“Distribution of wealth must be approached in an efficient and equitable manner. In fact, it must be intimately integrated with the process of wealth creation.” - Baha’i International Community
“In order to conquer nature, we must first learn how to obey it.” - Sir Francis Bacon
“You did a wonderful thing in this country in 1865 when you abolished chattel slavery, but you must do a much more wonderful thing now.  You must abolish industrial slavery.” - Abdu’l  Baha
“Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come!” -Victor Hugo


Profit Sharing Uprising
P.O. Box 707
Kernersville NC 27285


Would you like to receive, in addition to your salary, a much greater percentage of the profits of your labor? Would you like to help all working Americans, and workers world-wide do the same?

You can help by spreading the word about a simple, more civilized economic technology, that is nonpartisan and “positively” revolutionary. You can be a part of an up-rising of the most positive kind; our standard of living.

What is this new idea and how can you help?

A 60% tax credit, for companies that distribute a monthly profit-sharing dividend to employees; (a predetermined 25% of net profits).

But this is no mere deferred “retirement” program, and no mere tax credit.  This is about a mutually beneficial stimulus program that redistributes wealth to the people who earn it before the government or corporations can decide to use it their way.

This simple tweak in our tax laws can dramatically improve the incomes of working Americans, and working families all over the world.  It also has the potential to transform our entire economy to a new level of prosperity.

At first glance, the idea may seem unremarkable, but both the immediate and extended consequences of this strategy are breathtaking.

This direct tax relief for businesses that regularly share up to 25% of profits with workers, helps not just workers, but business, industry, and government as well.

How does this mutually beneficial irrigation of wealth take place?  First, and obviously, it is an incentive for businesses to reduce their taxes if they have shared their profits with their employees.  Most importantly, this makes low-income jobs become more profitable; dignity and a participatory spirit are restored to all levels of employment. This increases supply as well as demand, and potentially initiates a dramatic boost of national productivity. Jobs which once could not support a family, now become more attractive to a large underestimated block of unemployed citizens. Herein lies its capacity to virtually eliminate unemployment without expensive retraining or re-education programs.  It stimulates as well as stabilizes the economy, without raising taxes or creating new public works projects. Although it requires an initial reduction of government revenues, the increased national productivity and more jobs would actually increase the government revenue base rather quickly.  Such an increase in revenue would also help replenish social security and Medicare coffers without cutting benefits or raising taxes, an idea that until now has been thought impossible! This may be a major solution to many of the most confounding economic problems of our time.

The government claims they want new ideas.  Let’s give them one!

Order the new book entitled, Payback: Profit-sharing and the Coming New Age of Working Class Prosperity.     $14.95 + $2.50 Shipping and Handling                                     

By sharing this book and discussing it at work, with your congressman, with your corporate CEO, your union, your friends, and even within your community of faith, you will not only be working for your own enhanced income, but you will also be helping to spark a change that will initiate a quantum leap in socioeconomic stability and prosperity. Also learn how you can help to implement an easy test run at the local and state level to prove its viability. The inevitably successful test runs will help expedite its national acceptance and avoid a political stalemate in Washington.

This concept is based on a proven management strategy that, when managed correctly, consistently improves business performance and worker participation;  prompt, cash-back profit-sharing.  This uprising is about implementing this positive motivational strategy on a national and international level.

This is the unleashing of our most valuable national asset; the economic unity of workers, business, and government.

Now there is a specific strategy that can bring us together in a mutually beneficial enterprise. The most refreshing aspect is that it is politically centrist. It is the missing link of conservative supply-side economics and the missing link of liberal economic democracy. It satisfies the fundamental ideals of each by accomplishing an equitable prosperity for all.  The age of adversarial politics should now be rendered irrelevant. 

In a letter to Dr. Darian Smith on Oct. 7, 2004 regarding the Profit-sharing tax credit:

“I certainly share your enthusiasm for profit-sharing not least because it creates a basis for partnership rather than conflict between capital and labor…a more socially desirable model…one which is likely to lead to greater efficiencies of operation…and has the potential to reduce the extremes of wealth and poverty and to ease adjustment to variations in the trade cycle by reducing costs in times of stress (as an alternative to greater unemployment) and sharing rewards in times of prosperity.”

“I applaud your efforts to get action in Congress and wish you every success, particularly with regard to removing legal obstacles…

“I acknowledge that in the present political climate, a tax credit may be the most practical way of getting Congress engaged. In any case, my objection (to tax credits in general) may not be as important when it comes to business taxes, which by their nature tend to be more targeted.”  - John Huddleston, former chief of the budget and planning division, and assistant director in the office of the managing director     -International Monetary Fund


If our leaders do not grasp this opportunity, grassroots working Americans will. The strategy is astonishingly simple, and the immediate as well as extended consequences can create an economic environment that transforms an old economic stalemate into a new more civilized era. The fruits of this idea will help alter the way we see ourselves as a unified culture, dispel divisive myths, and awaken an altruistic energy long thought to be lost. More importantly, it is the missing link that promises to refine capitalism and redefine its purpose.  Then it can be the attractive global model that it was meant to be. It is “positively” revolutionary.

This is Payback!



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Profit Sharing Uprising
PO Box 707
Kernersville NC 27285

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Profit Sharing Uprising Darian Lance Smith Book

Profit Sharing Uprising Darian Lance Smith Book


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