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Payback: Profit-Sharing and the coming new age of Working Class Prosperity
“Men occasionally stumble upon the truth. But most pick themselves up and continue on.” – Sir Winston Churchill
“America’s moral leadership will be restored as we set an example for the rest of the world on how to achieve genuine economic democracy and justice for all.”   -Louis Kelso
“Developing countries need to be encouraged to experiment with the growing variety of arrangements of profit-sharing, and expanded capital ownership that can bring economic betterment to their people.”  - Pres. Ronald Reagan
“Distribution of wealth must be approached in an efficient and equitable manner. In fact, it must be intimately integrated with the process of wealth creation.” - Baha’i International Community
“In order to conquer nature, we must first learn how to obey it.” - Sir Francis Bacon
“You did a wonderful thing in this country in 1865 when you abolished chattel slavery, but you must do a much more wonderful thing now.  You must abolish industrial slavery.” - Abdu’l  Baha

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